Tectonic continue their ridiculous schedule & quality of releases with TEC087. Pinch & Mumdance have once again joined forces in the studio to bring us 2 tracks of gullyness that have been pounding dancefloors up and down the country (and further) for a couple of months now.

The Pinch & Mumdance collaboration rollercoaster caught ears last year with their Turbo Mitzi release, and have now taken it a step further with the Double Barrelled Mitzi. Haunting synths bring in a proper feeling of dread and despair on this one, before it drops down into a smattering of a percussion and bass stabs; almost bringing you up, and dropping you down with every switch up.

On the flip side you have Pinch remixing Mumdance & Logo’s Legion. Meditative claps and kick drums layer the track and push it forward with an energy that can only promote some full on foot stomping on the dancefloor; before you all know it, the instruments stop and collapse in on themselves, only to come back in full effect, with a grudge against your ears.