Hype Vibes

Hype Vibes in April: Caski

After the madness of the house party we’re going back to a more normal, slightly darker routine.

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Hype Vibes Essentials

Essential listening from the past week.

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Online Tickets Now Available For The Hype Vibes vs. MAK Studios Soundclash


On the 29th of May in The White Room at PLAY Nightclub, two sets of DJs are squaring up to each other for Bedford’s first Soundclash.

Ourselves Hype Vibes are bringing along an eclectic selection of music from our very own residents, PDOT & Jack Cordell as well as a couple of surprises.

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Hype Vibes – Moving Compilation

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 11.51.25

It’s been a while since we released this, and since then we’ve had closures and reopening and all sorts of shit going on that have halted us in many ways. Recently though, we received a request to re upload this so we thought fuck it, why not.

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